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If there was one book that you would expect to automatically be produced free from Copyright, you would expect the Bible to be that book, wouldn’t you? Or at least I would. Yes, the King James Version is now in the Public domain, meaning that anyone can quote from it as freely as they want. But I was not able to find a translation in modern everyday English that is freely available for anyone to quote as freely as they wish.

I know that Bible Translators work very hard on their translations, and new editions take years of intensive collaborative work. I agree that translators deserve to be paid for their work. However, I still can’t help feeling that this is after all the Bible, and that there should be other means available for translators and publishers to be financially rewarded rather than through collecting royalties. I don’t mind paying for a physical Bible, but it frustrates me that I could be restricted from talking as freely about God’s word as I would wish because of …copyright restrictions.

This is why I have started a project where I aim to be translating books from the Bible into modern, everyday
English, and making these books freely available for people to download. Now, please let me emphasise that I do have a strong background in studying Ancient Greek, and I plan to use online tools exhaustively so I am quite confident about being able to produce accurate and reliable translations, at least of the New Testament.

For the Old Testament, I do not have any Hebrew at all, as yet. So, I plan to start with the New Testament for now, and possibly find other translators to help with the Old Testament. Please note that other translators are very welcome to contribute to this project, for both Old and New Testaments. However, as this concerns God’s word, and this is something I believe that we as Christians cannot afford to play with or take lightly, please understand that all work will be subject to intense scrutiny before approval.

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I’m thinking that these works would be available free of copyright, meaning that you could quote them as much as you want, but not free in the sense that you could not just change the words as you wish and still attribute them to this project – if you are going to quote this translation of the Bible, then we would ask that you please quote it accurately!

AMENDMENT – Added 27 September 2011:
I am now releasing this content under a Creative Commons License.  This means that you are still free to download it freely and distribute it freely and use it in any products, including commercial ones.  HOWEVER, you are not free to modify the work.

By downloading the content you are agreeing to the terms of this license.


Link to Open Bible Translations
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